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Diazepam is a benzodiazepine drug that produces psychoactive effects by enhancing signaling through the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor GABAA. Buy Diclazepam powder Online from chemandpills because we make the difference in the research chemicals suppliers industry. We have pure diclazepam  for sale and many other research chemicals which you can hardly find at good prices. Diclazepam is a 2’-chloro derivative of diazepam that has emerged as a designer drug.

Diclazepam for Sale

It is metabolized in vivo into the pharmacologically active benzodiazepines delorazepam, lorazepam, and lormetazepam, which can be detected in urine for 6, 19, and 11 days, respectively.  The product is intended for forensic and research applications. We have a good stock of Diclazepam For Sale Currently, the drug is sold as a research chemical and not yet marketed as a medication. This is because it has not been officially tested systematically in humans. Nevertheless, people uses it as medications thus making illegal use. Diclazepam’s closest relatives and two main metabolites are delorazepam and lormetazepam. Deloraepam has around 10 times the potency value of diazepam and lorometazepam has a potency of around 10 to 12 times of delorazepam

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    Kindly accept my apologies for thinking you were scam like others. I got my package and am very happy

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