How Is Cocaine Made

How Is Cocaine Made 2

How Is Cocaine Made

What is cocaine? Cocaine is one of the strongest and oldest stimulant that exist. It is derived from the plant of coca which grows only in South America thus making it scarce and expensive. To answer the question how is cocaine made, i will start by telling you that the population of South America have been cultivating coca plant for over 8000 years according to a study carried out by National Geographic. That is how they succeeded to keep making cocaine available but cocaine prices will keep being high due to scarcity. While others are asking how is cocaine made, others are asking how to buy cocaine online. All those questions will be answered in this peace of content as you continue reading.

Cocaine making process

The coca plant grows best in the mountain and jungle areas of Colombia, Bolivia, Peru and chili making them top producers of cocaine which is then sent worldwide. Cocaine processing involves many chemicals such as fentanyl which turns to be dangerous at times since vendors also add some chemicals to make more profit. So those looking for how to buy cocaine online can also visit cocaine and place their orders for discreet and guaranteed delivery. Chem and pills is among the best and most reliable cocaine vendor and we do discreet and guaranteed delivery. You can buy from grams to kilograms from us and get delivered where ever you are.

Steps To follow in Cocaine Production

1.) The first step in cocaine processing is by harvesting the coca plant, drying them off and soaking the coca leaves in gasoline.


2.) The second step in the cocaine making process is draining the liquid contained in the drum which is a mixture of gasoline and coca leaves and then filtered into a barrel with diluted acid. After this, the gasoline is then removed and ammonia will be added to the mixture in order to make the cocaine base.

3. After that step, the next move is to filter the cocaine from the cocaine base mixture. This is done using a white cloth and a big drum to collect the liquid.

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4.) The next step is to get the filtered component and dry if off to get the final crack. The process is not long but complicated thus affecting the cocaine prices and causing it to stay high.

5.) The cocaine solution is then diluted in a solvent like acetone and then heated in warm water. When the liquid is boiling, ethyl ketone is added to the mixture with concentrated hydrochloric acid which results in the crystallization of cocaine hydrochloride.cocaine dilution

6.) The next step is to remove the excess solvent from the cocaine solution. This is done in two ways, it can be done by hands and also by the use of a hydrolic press.

7.) At this stage of the process, a microwave is needed. The mixture is then put in a microwave for the for the solvent to be taken out leaving the cocaine based also known as crack . At chem and pills, we give you detail explanation on all our products to show you how professional we are. You can also read our article titled The basic principles of Methylone things to know before you buy.

crack making8.) This is the stage where  a mixture of water and baking soda is needed to finalize the whole process. The cocaine hydraulic is then boiled and added in the mixture. An oily substance is formed and settles at the bottom of the container.


9.) We then move to the last step where all the excess liquid or solvent is dried off the mixture to give the final result called crack. You can as well visit our shop if you want to order crack online rather than making it yourself.

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How to Buy Crack cocaine Online

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For all those who think the cocaine price is high, if you are interested in bulk orders, you can always contact us for more negotiations and we can give you a good offer. We are available via text, call, email, wickr, whatsapp and others. You can also just join the live chat at the bottom and ask any question you have.

Summary of the Whole Process

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