Payment Options

Information on where to send your payment is provided after you place an order. When placing your order, there is an option for you to choose your payment option. We also accept bank transfer for bulk orders. After you choose your payment option, automatically the payment details will appear under your payment option like in the pic below if not, follow the instructions that appears on the payment option you choose. Below are our acceptable payment options;

1.) Bitcoin: You can buy bitcoins from Bitcoin atm around you or online. If you want to buy bitcoins around you, then you can use your card or cash to the bitcoin atm. If you want to track bitcoin atm around you, then go to the website or and input your address then search. All the bitcoin vendors around you will show up and you can then choose your vendor go buy bitcoins and send to us for your order to be processed. Also if you want to buy bitcoins online, simply go to and create an account then buy bitcoins according to your payment method.

pay via bitcoins

2.) Westerunion:  Westernunion is also accepted here and you simply need to contact us via any available means to get our westernunion details, send the money and send us a full picture of the receipt.

3.) Moneygram: This service works same like westernunion and you have to contact us to get the receiver details.

4.) 8.) Worldremit (Payment using your credit or debit card) : Wordlremit is the most easiest way to send money online. You can use your debit card, credit card and others to make payment via worldremit. We don’t accept credit cards directly but if you want to buy any of our products with your debit or credit card, then you can simply create an account on Contact us after creating your account and we will direct you on the steps to follow.

payment via worldremit

4.) Zelle : Zelle is know by many today and works with almost all USA banks. You simply need to login to your USA online banking and send money within some few seconds.

pay via zelle

5.) Paypal: Paypal is a service known by all. Remember we accept paypal payments under some conditions. And this also depends on your order total. Also we only accept payment under the category FAMILY & FRIENDS in paypal Contact us if you want to use paypal

6.) Cash app: Cash app also known by many users today is highly accepted here since you can make payment at the comfort of your home or office. You simply need to download the cash app and follow the procedures.

7.) Bank Transfer: Bank Transfer is also accepted here if the buyer can’t have access to the above methods, he can simply login into his bank account and do a wire transfer or he can as well go to his bank and do a bank transfer or bank deposit into our accounts. Contact us for the bank account details after placing your order.


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