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Buy 2-FEA Online

2-FEA also known as  (2-Fluoro N-Ethyl Amphetamine) OR ( N-ethyl-1-(2-fluorophenyl)propan-2-amine). 2-Fluoroamphetamine is a stimulant drug from the amphetamine family which has been sold as a designer drug. Are you looking fo where to buy 2-FEA online? we are among the best 2-FEA vendor and we do discreet and fast delivery to where ever you are. We have quality 2-FEA for sale and we guarantee global delivery to where ever you are. is among the best 2-FEA supplier and our products are of superior quality. You can order from europe, canada , australia and the usa. We dispatch our products within 24 hours of receiving your order.

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Chemical Composition of 2-Fluoro N-Ethyl Amphetamine

Molar mass: 153.196 g/mol
ChemSpider ID: 108441
PubChem CID: 121531

2-Fluoro N-Ethyl Amphetamine

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  1. Ethan Wood

    multiple test subject really enjoyed this.

    Ethan Wood

  2. Jaxson Wood

    This is hands down the best stimulant on the market.

    Jaxson Wood

  3. cdristian

    Like this shop, very good quality and fast shipping!


  4. Grayson

    I like this! Not too stimulating, more empathogenic and a relaxing substance! Works perfect for my rats for more socializing


  5. Eric

    Fantastic service and very helpful customer service.


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