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Buy 4-AcO-MET Online

We are glad to inform you that henceforth, you can Buy 4-AcO-MET Online from 4-AcO-MET a tryptamine hallucinogenic (4-Acetoxy-N-methyl-N-ethyltryptamine) also known as 4-Acetoxy-MET is a homologue of 4-AcO-DMT and acetate ester of 4-HO-MET. You can alternatively Buy 4-AcO-DMT Online from us since they are almost similar. When you order 4-aco-met online from us, we guarantee discreet delivery to any country of your choice. Also you can Buy Methadone Online and many other research chemicals from us discreetly.

Order 4-Aco-MET online

4-AcO-MET is similar to 4-HO-MET in structure and is mostly found in some pressed pills sold in the streets of countries like Switzerland. If you are interested in buying 4-Aco-Met, we will still want to let you know that little data exist about the medical effects of this product. For this reason, 4-Aco-Met is sold as a research chemical and not a designer drug. Despite the fact that this product is mostly used as research chemicals, many users have tried this and some research where carried out about the effects. One advantage of buying 4-Aco-MET from us is the fact that we educate you on its effects.

Effects of 4-Aco-MET

When you make up your mind to buy 4-Aco-MET online, the first thing to do is getting a reliable research chemicals vendor and also one that will teach you more on what you are ordering. Below are some little side effects of 4-Aco-MET that we think you should know.

  • Muscle contractions : Unlike many other tryptamines, the muscle contractions that can occur after taking 4-Aco-MET is transient. This is one of the reasons why there has been an increase in the rate of people who order 4-Aco-MET online.
  • Sedation: Many uses this as sedative because of its good sedative effects.
  • Nausea
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Increased salivation
  • Delusion
  • Hallucinations

After being aware of all these effects, you can now buy 4-Aco-MET online from chemandpills or any other vendor. We guarantee worldwide delivery and its very discreet.


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