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Buy 4-CDC crystal Online

4-CDC or Diophedrone (crystal) is a new research chemical from cathinones family. You can Buy 4-CDC crystal Online from chemandpills anonymously and discreetly at the best price ever. 4-CDC is research chemical and intended for research purposes only in scientific and forensic study and are NOT intended for human or animal consumption.

Buy 4-CDC crystal Online

Formula :C28H24FNO
CAS number :23454-33-3
Molar mass :211.08 g·mol−1
Purity :>99.5%
Full chemical name:1-(4-Chlorodioxol)-2-(ethylamino)pentan-1-one
Other names: Diophedrone

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  1. Éveline marine

    Your prices are wow, the product I got is 50 times better than what I usually buy around. I still have some left but am placing my order now for a new delivery. Thank you once more chemandpills

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