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Buy BK-EBDP Ephylone Online

Bk-EBDP also known as ephylone is a research chemical that is known for it’s stimulating properties. This chemical was first discovered by Alexander Shulg in the early 1960’s. Ephylone has been proven to be more stronger and effective than many other research chemicals probably due to its stimulating effects. For all those looking to buy bk-ebdp online or those who want to buy ephylone online, is your best research chemicals vendor. We don’t only sell research chemicals but we also sell generic drugs like xanax, percocet, valium, oxycontine, desoxyn and many others.


buy ephylone online

Buy Ephylone Online

all those fan of research chemicals should be aware of the fact that it can be very dangerous. at chemandpills, you have the opportunity to order ephylone and get your package delivered discreetly to you anywhere at the best places. That is why we are refered to as the best ephylone vendor. If you have any issue in the ordering process, you can visit our how to order page or just join the live chat at the bottom of the page and one of our agents will assist you in placing your order.

PRODUCT NAME : bk-epdp

CAS NUMBER :3931231-01-2


MOLAR MASS :249.310

PURITY :≥99.7%

STABILITY :2 years

IUPAC NAME :1-(benzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)-2-(propylamino)butan-1-one

FORM :Crystal

Some Effects of Ephylone

Some few research conducted on those who buy  bk-ebdp ephylone online from chemandpills reported some little effects after using the chemicals.

Since as it’s a stimulant, it cause users to feel very strong and energized. This is when you consume more than 100g. When taken too much, it can also affect your view by causing a blur vision. Users also have to avoid drinking much water after taking this chemical. This is because one of the side effects is dehydration and this might lead some people to drink much water and will still feel that way. Most of the effects like for two to maximum 6 hours. We highly encourage you to be aware of all these effects before you order ephylone from us. We believe after reading this piece of information you can now buy ephylone online easily from the most legit and recognized research chemicals vendor.



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  1. Paul Martin

    Alors très bon produit arrivé en quatre jours très dissociatif parfait quoi

    Paul Martin

  2. Ravier H

    Very very good product and shipping speedy. My rats had a good reaction. It is worth to buy it and shipping to spain was very fast

    Ravier H

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