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Buy Methylone Online

Many research chemicals users have heard about methylone and are still wondering what it is and where to buy methylone online. At chemandpills, our specialty is that we don’t only offer methylone for sale but we also educate you on what it is, it’s uses and also it’s side effects. Our products are the best in the market couple with the quality services we offer and the best prices ever.  Also known as 3, 4-methylenedioxymethcathinone,  “MDMC”, “βk-MDMA”methylone is a designer drug which has some similar structures with MDMA and also some similar effects. It falls under the category of stimulants with a mild hallucinogenic effect. It is a new research chemical and thousands of people are buying methylone online for some reasons. Some people order methylone online for research purposes meanwhile some order to use as recreational drugs.

Methylone For Sale

Chemandpills is driving to become the leader and best research chemicals vendor with it’s variety of products. You can buy alprazolam powder, buy flualprazolam online, buy 1P-LSD online, buy ADB-FUBINACA online and many other research chemicals. You can also buy pain killers online at our online pharmacy and many other generic drugs. Normally methylone comes in powder form but recently there have been some pills circulating on the market and it comes in different forms. But we advice you to always purchase methylone in powder form and if you need it to be in pills form, our technicians can always transform it for you at a little fee. In that way you are sure of the quality.

Chemical Composition of Methylone

Formula: C11H13NO3
Molar mass: 207.23 g/mol
Solubility in water: 357 kg/m³
Formula Weight : 246.7
Methylone For Sale
Before you buy methylone online, make sure to be aware of the fact that this chemical can cause addiction. So this is one of the reasons why is considered one of the best methylone vendors because we don’t just offer methylone for sale but we also advice you on how to take it and also the possible side effects.




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